Prairie Ranchers Grass-fed Beef

Cattle graze on native grasses and forage on the expansive Canadian Prairies.

 They are slowly reared to produce the exceptional Prairie Ranchers Grass-Fed Beef.

Ranchers employ traditional farming methods. They share the philosophy that working with nature will produce delicious, nutritious, environmentally responsible and sustainable beef.

For these ranchers, careful animal husbandry is vital to producing an AA or higher grass-fed beef.

The Prairie Ranchers program guidelines are audited by a third party and verified to ensure that all of the beef is genuine and produced according to strict standards.

 Prairie Ranchers beef is:

● Purely grass-fed

● Graded AA and higher

● Completely free from antibiotics and added growth hormones

● From animals raised with humane handling standards

● Developed from sustainable farming methods

● Pasture and environment enhancing practices