Kingsway Finest Meats

Kingsway Finest Meats is a retail brand proudly produced by Dolan Foods. At Kingsway, we liken ourselves to sommeliers, only for meats – taking pride in curating an uncompromising selection for those who insist on the very best.

We travel the world in search of fine meats and bring them home for Canadians to experience. Our initial expression of the Kingsway brand is an exceptional, portioned lineup of Wagyu products offering something for everyone.


Westholme Wagyu is produced by the Australian Agriculture Company (AACo), one of the oldest companies and largest landholders in Australia. Having recently celebrated their 300th birthday, AACo has grown to become the preeminent Wagyu grower in Australia.

Westholme brand Wagyu cattle produce superbly marbled, tender beef. Cattle are born wild in Australia’s vast outback and encouraged to graze freely for up to two years in their family units. To achieve the characteristic rich, fine marbling, cattle are fed a minimum of 270 days on a proprietary grain ration.

AACo is an industry leader in animal welfare practices, environmental stewardship, sustainability initiatives, water conservation, and gender and social equality policies


Black Opal

Black Opal is one of Australia’s finest Wagyus, delivering a smooth texture and superior marbling every time.

Black Opal’s thoughtful, long-term approach to production begins with raising cattle in the pristine pastures of Australia’s beautiful Victoria and Tasmania, then spending a minimum of 380 days on grain in specialized feed lots.

From breeding to processing, Black Opal guarantees a consistent supply of Australia’s finest Wagyu, all year round.

The rich, buttery flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture of this Wagyu gives chefs and home cooks a beef product they will remember and seek again and again. Each and every Black Opal product comes with guaranteed, verifiable provenance and 100 percent quality satisfaction.


Jack’s Creek

Jack’s Creek is a leading company in Australian premium Wagyu production: a multi-award winner and current holder of the World’s Best Steak Producer. They also hold gold medals for the world’s best grain fed steak, best tenderloin and best ribeye.

Jack’s Creek is proud to be a family owned and operated Australian business run by the Warmoll family, who emigrated from Ireland in 1852. Cattle are raised on Big Jacks Creek in the Great Dividing Range of New South Wales, renown for its beauty, rainfall and quality pasture. Today Jack’s Creek is at the forefront of Australian premium Wagyu production and are proud partners of Dolan Foods.

Jacks Creek provides each and every customer with their beef guarantee: tender and juicy beef, full of flavour with every bite.


Phoenix Wagyu

In a short space of time, the Phoenix Waygu Beef brand from the Mort & Co Family has achieved incredible success including a multitude of awards from various prestigious branded beef competitions.

Phoenix Wagyu is sourced from some of the finest Australian herds. Only select cattle achieve the standard of Phoenix. After being raised on pristine pasture, Phoenix Wagyu is grain-finished for 365 days. This process is what creates the signature rich, soft, delicate and nutty complexity for which this outstanding beef has become renown.



2GR Wagyu is a Premium Fullblood Wagyu beef program, named after visionary Executive Chairman of Hancock Prospecting group and philanthropist Gina Rinehart and her daughter. 2GR’s 8,000 head of Fullblood Wagyu, located in Queensland and New South Wales, represent one of the largest herds of Fullblood Wagyu in Australia.

World class Wagyu genetics are the foundation for much of the success of this leading beef program. Cattle are raised on lush pastures of Eastern Australia before a lengthy grain finishing on proprietary, specialized feed. This process culminates in an exceptional beef product that is much sought after by some of the best steakhouses and chefs in the world.