Dear Friends,

As communities around the world manage through the COVID-19 outbreak, at Dolan Foods we are now more than ever focused on the health and wellbeing of our staff and customers.

As an essential service providing high quality food products across Canada, we are also firmly committed to doing our part to keep the food chain safe and secure for our customers and our communities.

Here are the steps we are taking in response to COVID-19:

1. Where possible, staff are working remotely. Those working at our locations are adhering to our strict distancing measures as well as our enhanced sanitization and cleaning protocols.

2. Visitors and guests are not permitted in any of our physical locations.

3. For the protection of our drivers and customers we have instituted new protocols for our deliveries, which include digital delivery confirmation and no hand-to-hand contact.

4. We are putting enhanced focus on continually analyzing the changing marketplace dynamics to ensure that we find the best products most suited to our customers as their needs continually change.

We are committed to protecting our staff and to providing our customers with the food that will best support our communities and help us through this challenging time together.
Be well,

Pearse Dolan