Prince Edward Island beef

Salty ocean air, lush green pastures and iron-rich soil create the perfect environment for Prince Edward Island beef.

Small herds, individualized attention and thoughtful farming practices speak to old world quality farming.This traditional approach to raising cattle on family-owned farms produces animals that are healthy and stress-free.

Beef farming and processing has long been a staple of Prince Edward Island heritage. In fact, PEI cattle farmers have been committed to quality, consistency and flavour for generations.

PEI Certified Beef

Happy, healthy, humane.

Prince Edward Island farm families believe exceptional quality beef is an important part of PEI’s pride and heritage.

PEI cattle experience a peaceful, pastoral lifestyle on small family farms, free to graze, be active and enjoy the brisk salt air.

PEI Certified Beef — developed in partnership between Dolan Foods, Atlantic Beef Products, PEI Cattle Producers, Food Island Partnership and the PEI Provincial Government — reflects the very best Prince Edward Island beef has to offer.

Distinct characteristics of PEI Certified Beef:

● Premium AAA or higher beef

● Locally raised on small family farms

● Humane handling

● Highest quality grass and fodder, potato and selected feeds

● No synthetic hormones

● Antibiotic free for at least 100 days prior to market

● Fully traceable from pasture

● Sustainable farming practices

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Prince Edward Island Blue Dot Reserve

Consistent. Delicious. Memorable.

Blue Dot Reserve is carefully selected from the top tier of AAA grade beef. Expertly cut, beautifully marbled, fine in texture and intense in flavour, it proves PEI’s passion for producing top quality beef.

The cattle are attentively nurtured on farm and the beef is handpicked making Blue Dot Reserve Beef stand out for its quality, consistency, and taste. Raised on small family farms by generations of PEI cattle farmers who constantly endeavour to ensure top quality cattle for this program.

Distinct characteristics of PEI Blue Dot Reserve:

● Highest quality grass and fodder, potato and selected feeds

● Top tier of the AAA grade

● Superior marbling and consistency

● Traceability from pasture to plate

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