Lafiness marinades by AVO

Marinades bring wonderful flavour, visual appeal and product extension to a wide variety of foods.

Lafiness marinades by AVO uses only the finest herbs and spices — and always a vegetable oil-base — to create its exceptional product line. Their marinades are incredibly versatile and perfect for meat, seafood and vegetables.

Lafiness marinades capture the authentic and diverse flavours of the world’s culinary cultures. With their brilliant shine and array of colours, products marinated with Lafiness become a beautiful focal point for any display case. As well, the marinades are non-GMO-confirmed and gluten free.

Lafiness marinades by AVO provide the following benefits:

● Extends the shelf life of products within display cases

● Protects products from oxidation and discoloration

● Reduces product shrinkage and loss

● Brings intense flavor profiles to products without sacrificing their natural flavours

● Creates a stunning visual experience for customers

● Adds value and variety to product offerings

● Provides on-trend and marketable flavour offerings

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